FAQ: How Much Is A Membership At Pumpkin Ridge?

Pumpkin Ridge offers two different memberships: a $40,000 membership that allows members to receive 50 percent back if they leave, or a $25,000 membership that is not refunded upon departure. Monthly dues are $340; members can play at both courses.

Who owns Pumpkin Ridge?

Escalante Golf, boutique owner-operator of high-end clubs and courses, has acquired a controlling interest in Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, a 36-hole course in North Plains, Ore. Financial details were not disclosed.

What is the pumpkin pass?

PELTZER PUMPKIN PASS, which gives a family of up to five people (all from the same household) entry to the picturesque Temecula patch, all season, on weekdays. It’s $50, and includes visits to the petting farm, too (because getting to connect with a critter feels like an all-important autumn pastime).

Is Pumpkin Ridge a public course?

The golf course is open for public play, and has tee boxes for any skill level. Ghost Creek also offers an array of exclusive privileges, golf discounts and opportunities through the Pumpkin Pass frequent player program.

How much does it cost to join Waverley Country Club?

Sources claim that initiation fees can start at $35,000+ and annual dues can be more than high five figures.

How many courses does Pumpkin Ridge have?

Pumpkin Ridge opened for play in 1992, with two golf courses, both designed by Bob Cupp. The Ghost Creek course is open to the public, with Witch Hollow reserved for member play and occupying a different clubhouse and practice area behind a gate.

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What is the oldest golf course in Oregon?

Gearhart Golf Links on Oregon’s north Pacific coast is the oldest course in the western United States.

Is Pumpkin Ridge walking only?

Pumpkin Ridge is what walking golf is all about and that is validated by the overwhelming number of walkers you will see on its two courses every day. Carts are allowed, but must remain on paths for much of the year.

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