Often asked: How To Breed Pumpkin My Singing Monsters?

The combination is:

  1. Plant Island: + Bowgart and T-Rox.
  2. Seasonal Shanty: + Jam Boree and Gobbleygourd.

How long does it take to breed a pumpkin in my singing monsters?

Once you’ve selected two of these monsters from the ‘Breed’ menu, you’ll then need to wait 18 hours until the breeding is complete.

How do you breed a YOOL in my singing monsters?


  1. Cold Island: + Thumpies and Congle.
  2. Seasonal Shanty: + Gobbleygourd and Jam Boree.

Can you breed a G joob in my singing monsters?

To breed G’joob, you need to breed T-Rox and Pummel. Note that it is not a 100% success rate. But the chances can be increased with Wishing torches.

How do you make a Yawstrich?

The Yawstrich is exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, and Android version of the game, and cannot be bred on other platforms. The breeding combination is: T-Rox + Scups.

How do I breed a Grumpyre?


  1. + Deedge and Congle.
  2. + Deedge and Bowgart.
  3. + Deedge and Spunge.
  4. + Deedge and Thumpies.

How do I get epic pummel?


  1. Plant Island: + Bowgart and Fwog.
  2. Water Island: + Scups and Shrubb.

How do I get epic YOOL MSM?

Availability. Epic Yool, like all Epic Seasonals are only available for short durations during their own season, a weekend Out-of-Season event (6 months apart) and during the Anniversary Month Celebration.

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How do you breed a Congle?


  1. + Tweedle and Maw.
  2. + Toe Jammer and Pango.
  3. + Mammott and Quibble.

How do I get epic Tweedle?

The combination to breed Epic Tweedle is different for each island.

  1. Cold Island: + Deedge and Dandidoo.
  2. Air Island: + Riff and Cybop.
  3. Water Island: + Shellbeat and Quibble.
  4. Earth Island: + Quarrister and Pango.
  5. Fire Haven: + Tring and Shrubb.
  6. Fire Oasis: + Sneyser and Maw.

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