Question: Who Is The White Pumpkin In Minecraft Story Mode?

Cassie Rose​ is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode and the hidden main antagonist in “​A Portal to Mystery”. She has a pet cat named Winslow. She is voiced by Ashly Burch. She also has an alter-ego known as The White Pumpkin.

Can you get a white pumpkin in Minecraft?

Pumpkins are crops found in Minecraft: Story Mode. There is also a white variant which is exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.

Is Cassie rose an old builder?

Cassie Rose was probably a former Old Builder, as the Old Builders in The Games knows her and her pumpkin, as well as she knows the Portal Hallway, the Mansion Portal, and the Enchanted Flint and Steel.

What color is Winslow?

Winslow appears to be a calico cat that has a black, white, and orange coat. He also has green eyes, and a pink nose.

What happens to Soren in Minecraft: Story Mode?

Soren betraying Jesse and his/her friends, choosing to flee from the Wither Storms instead, and becoming a villain. He eventually became a true villain when he left Jesse and his/her friends to die while he fled from the Wither Storm.

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How do you grow white pumpkins in Minecraft?

White Pumpkins would spawn naturally in the Soul Sand Valley, but can also be grown by planting regular ol’ pumpkin seeds on Soul Sand. Once harvested, they can be made into pie (more on that later) or carved.

Who was the murder in Minecraft: Story Mode?

The White Pumpkin is the first female main antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode, as well as the first to be a known serial killer. Cassie Rose was the first person in the Minecraft Story Mode franchise to fake their own death.

What is a wither storm?

The Wither Storm is a destructive version of the Wither in Minecraft: Story Mode. It sucks blocks and mobs to make it bigger and stronger. It eventually becomes a giant monster with 5 tentacles and three heads that can fire a tractor beam.

Who is Mevia?

Mevia, also known as Mevia the Enforcer, is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode and the secondary antagonist in ” A Journey’s End”. She is one of the Old Builders that were formerly in charge of the Games played by the Competitors. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Who are the main characters in Minecraft?

Minecraft characters

  • Steve (Minecraft)
  • Zombie Pigman.
  • Wither.
  • Zombie (Minecraft)

Who is the admin in Minecraft story mode?

Romeo, or more commonly known as “The Admin”, is the overall main antagonist of the series, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1 and the main antagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 2. He first appeared in “Hero in Residence” and is mainly voiced by Jean-Benoît “J.B.” Blanc.

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Can Reuben be saved in Minecraft?

There actualy is a way to save Ruben. You have to take a potion of healing in the 1st episode from when you throw it at the wither. Just don’t throw it. Keep it in your inventory the whole time until Ruben comes out then it will give you the option to revive him.

Is Soren an old builder?

First of all, the narrator says, right in the beginning of the story, “Soren the Architect, Builder of Worlds, and leader of the Order of the Stone. Builder of Worlds may mean that he is an Old Builder.

Who is Gabriel in Minecraft: Story Mode?

Gabriel the Warrior is a member of the Order of the Stone, and a major protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode, along with Petra. He was considered by many to be the greatest warrior of all time. He is voiced by Dave Fennoy, that voiced Lee Everett from the Walking Dead.

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